Overhead Gantry Crane Operator

£165 + VAT per person for a minimum of 4 candidates. £990  + VAT for up to 6 candidates in a group

 This course can only be done on a companies premises.  


To instruct persons in the use of pendant control overhead cranes in workshop, warehouse and offshore environments, and to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for safe operation of overhead travelling cranes.


Classroom and Practical instruction on the following:

  • Pre-start checks
  • Operational checks
  • Safe Systems of Work
  • Operating crane with various loads in good and restricted areas
  • Correct shutdown procedures
  • Correct slinging techniques
  • Load estimation
  • Calculation of angles & tensions
  • Lifting gear pre-use checks
  • Procedures for dealing with damaged or faulty equipment
  • Emergency procedures



  1. The course will be completed with an assessment
  2. Training to be held on client’s premises.
  3. A suitable classroom with flipchart or whiteboard is required
  4. Equipment required for practical exercises must meet industry standard and be certified as fit for use.


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