Face Fit Training

Face Fit Training

Everyone required to wear any type of Respiratory Protective Equipment in the workplace must be face fit tested to ensure correct fitting and protection against substances potentially hazardous to health.

The HSE Information Document HSE 282/28 provides guidance on Face Fit Testing of Respiratory Protective Equipment.

Qualified staff at Evolve Training can carry out both Qualitative Face Fit Testing at our facility in Dyce, Aberdeen or at your premises.

Qualitative Face Fit Testing

Who needs Qualitative Face Fit Tested?

  • Any employee who wears a half-face mask. The test is undertaken using a hood and a non-toxic test agent. During a set of verbal and physical exercises, the wearer’s sense of taste and smell is used to detect any leakage that may occur while wearing their mask.
  • Some half-face masks may also require a quantitative face fit test.



Face Fit Train the Tester and Test Kits

Our half day Face Fit Train the Tester course allows an individual to be trained to a level that enables them to carry out Qualitative Face Fit Tests.

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