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Working at Heights Courses

Our courses at Evolve Training Aberdeen, range from providing classroom based learning to practical demonstrations and assessment.  Delegates learn about the principles and equipment involved in work at height systems and the process of a safe and systematic approach to working at height operations.   Courses are aimed to benefit managers, supervisors, scaffolders, riggers and work teams involved with anything electrical or mechanical where their job entails them to work at height.

Our instructors have many years of practical on-the-job experience across many industries and provide courses in compliance with Working at Height Regulations 2005.

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We offer 5 Working at Heights Courses
Date/Time Location  
20/2/2023 - 8.30am Aberdeen Book
27/2/2023 - 8.30am Aberdeen Book
20/3/2023 - 8.30am Aberdeen Book
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Date/Time Location  
16/2/2023 - 8.30am Aberdeen Book
16/3/2023 - 8.30am Aberdeen Book
20/4/2023 - 8.30am Aberdeen Book
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Date/Time Location  
28/2/2023 - 8.30am Aberdeen Book
28/3/2023 - 8.30am Aberdeen Book
24/4/2023 - 8.30am Aberdeen Book
Course Details
Date/Time Location  
28/2/2023 - 12.30pm Aberdeen Book
28/3/2023 - 12.30pm Aberdeen Book
24/4/2023 - 12.30pm Aberdeen Book
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What Our Customers Say...

“I found the course helpful in many ways your instructor had a wealth of information , he certainly got me thinking i have hearing problems and thought it would be a problem but heard all that was discussed.”
IOSH Working Safely
“Very Helpful course, the best of many manual handling course i have attended”
Manual Handling Assessor
“The trainer was excellent at including the interpreters and deaf participant. Very much appreciated Thanks”
Working At Heights
“Evolve instructor was very articulate, helpful, good training day”
B3 Conversion
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