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Working at Heights

Working at Heights Courses

Our courses at Evolve Training Aberdeen, range from providing classroom based learning to practical demonstrations and assessment.  Delegates learn about the principles and equipment involved in work at height systems and the process of a safe and systematic approach to working at height operations.   Courses are aimed to benefit managers, supervisors, scaffolders, riggers and work teams involved with anything electrical or mechanical where their job entails them to work at height.

Our instructors have many years of practical on-the-job experience across many industries and provide courses in compliance with Working at Height Regulations 2005.

Many of our courses are eligible for ILA Scotland funding. To book a course using your ILA voucher please call us on 01224 724 008.

We offer 5 Working at Heights Courses
Date/Time Location  
1/8/2016 - 8.30am Aberdeen Book
9/8/2016 - 8.30am Aberdeen Book
18/8/2016 - 8.30am Aberdeen Book
Course Details
Date/Time Location  
19/8/2016 - 8.30am Aberdeen Book
15/9/2016 - 8.30am Aberdeen Book
Course Details
Date/Time Location  
19/8/2016 - 1.00pm Aberdeen Book
15/9/2016 - 1.00pm Aberdeen Book
Course Details
Date/Time Location  
24/8/2016 - 8.30am Aberdeen Book
12/9/2016 - 8.30am Aberdeen Book
5/10/2016 - 8.30am Aberdeen Book
Course Details
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What Our Customers Say...

“If Carlsberg had teachers Archie would be properly the best in the world.”
Martin Boycs
“Having already completed the training (NEBOSH) with another provider I was interested in the differences in the teaching methods and would rate the interactive teaching approach as first class ”
Audrey Morrison, Chevron
“I wanted to thank all the staff at Evolve training for their fantastic customer service and focus during my time while on the NEBOSH course. The instructors were amazing and always had time to listen and offer friendly advice. It was such a breath of fresh air to be in a learning environment that went one step further and focused on the people and not just the content of the course”
Kerriann Wood,
“I was recently on a confined space course and would just like to personally thank Kevin for one of the best course I've ever been on. I really enjoyed everything and have an appreciation for what could happen. ”
Gavin Cutler, Bureau Veritas UK
Accredited Training
Evolve is an accredited training provider recognised by industry bodies including: