Security Support in the Workplace

When we support you to improve the process reducing the chance of theft and damage to your premises, and keeping you and your staff
safe. Our team are highly trained by the police, we have years of experienced and skills making sure the right support for your company is
given, to help prevent theft or damage of the workplace.

Although security and safety are two completely different concepts, security and safety do go hand in hand.

In fact, in Germany the word for security AND safety is the same……….“sicherheit”.

Safety is the state of being protected against harm or danger, while security is the actions taken to make people and places safe.

Traditional crime costs companies in the UK over £13 billion a year.  And, apart from these direct costs there are also indirect costs, disruption to business and a detrimental effect on staff morale.

Don’t be a victim of crime.

Our trained, qualified and experienced security specialist at Evolve offers bespoke commercial  security risk assessment surveys whatever the size of your business.

We can help:

  • Target harden your premises to reduce unauthorised intrusion, theft and damage.
  • Provide advice to improve your exiting security processes and procedures.
  • You choose the best security products if required.
  • Ensure there is a cohesive approach between security and safety.
  • To keep staff safe.
  • Reduce the risk of fire.
  • With any general security issues.

Our recommendations are always appropriate, realistic, cost effective and specific.

After conducting a full security risk assessment survey our specialist will provide a comprehensive written report which will contain recommendations that will enhance your existing security.

So improve the “sicherheit” of your company and give us a call.  01224 724008

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