Accident / Incident Investigation

Accident/Incident Investigation

If you think safety is expensive, try having an accident!

Evolve’s Accident/Incident Investigation course is designed to assist organisations in investigating and understanding why adverse events have occurred in their business.

The course features a number of interactive exercises and includes the full lifespan of an investigation from gathering information following an adverse event, analysing the information, identifying remedial actions, to the development and implementation of an action plan.


This course enables delegates to develop their knowledge of the principles of investigation and to demonstrate this during practical investigation scenarios.


  • The language of investigation – key terminology
  • Key reasons for investigation
  • Accident causation theories
  • Investigation insights and benefits
  • Investigation participation
  • The investigation steps
    • Gathering information
    • Analysing information
    • Identifying remedial actions
    • Developing and implementing an action plan

*Please note, the course has no formal summative assessment paper.  Delegates are assessed by the successful completion of a thorough investigation report during the course.

Course duration

2 days


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Accident / Incident Investigation


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