Fire Risk Assessment


The Regulatory Reform (fire safety) order 2005 came into effect in October 2006 and it is now the duty of the ‘responsible person’ to make sure the workplace is safe.

The Fire Risk Assessment trainingprovides formal recognition of the individual’s ability to undertake a fire risk assessment in line with the Health and Safety Executive’s guidance.


  • Reasons for conducting Fire Risk Assessments
  • Main legislation relating to Fire Risk Assessments
  • Determining the responsible person
  • Risk assessment approach to fire safety
  • Competencies required of fire risk assessors
  • Principles of the fire triangle and fire prevention
  • Main causes of fire in different occupancies
  • Recognising fire hazards in the workplace
  • Identifying the location of people at risk
  • Evaluating the adequacy of existing arrangements
  • Recording the findings of a Fire Risk Assessment
  • Making Recommendations based on the findings
  • Reviewing and revising a Fire Risk Assessment

This course contains a number of exercises to be completed by the delegates, assisting them to assimilate the information given during the training session.


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