Time Management


To give delegates the opportunity to analyse their use of time in order that they can:

  • Enhance their approach to task, goal and a priority setting
  • Experience the inter-relationship between time management and the organisation or work, so that a practical strategy for managing time can be developed and implemented.


  • Introduction to time management:
    • Time test
  • Organisation of work:
    • The four elements
    • Prioritisation activity
  • The Management role cycle:
    • What we do and the way we do it
  • Time stealer
  • The daily activity diary:
    • Discretionary & system time
    • Diary analysis activity
  • Where time goes:
    • Action plan
  • Time saving techniques:
    • Goal setting: Delegation – priority matrix
  • Didactic simulation activity:
    • Exploring time management principles
    • Analysing time management skills
  • Golden rules of effective time management


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