OPITO Banksman & Slinger Training - Stage 1

Banksman & Slinger Training Standard provides the introductory training programme for personnel wishing to become competent in Banksman and slinging activities in the oil and gas industry.

The OPITO Approved Banksman & Slinger Training:

Stage 1 – the initial training programme required by delegates who can then proceed to the worksite to work under supervision (awarded an OPITO Stage 1 certificate)  There are no pre-requisites for Stage 1 the aim of the programme is to provide personnel, who have little or no experience of the Banksman & Slinger role with the relevant skills to works as a Banksman Slinger.

Training Outcomes

During Stage 1 candidates will gain an awareness of the variety of tasks and the hazards to be found in lifting operations on oil and gas installations. They will be required to demonstrate a sufficient level of knowledge, understanding and skill in the following key areas.

All Delegates will be required to sign a self-declaration of medical fitness form


  • Element 1.1 Regulations and safety issues
  • Element 1.2 Introduction To Lifting Roles & Equipment
  • Element 1.3 Prepare For The Lift
  • Element 1.4 Carry Out The Lift
  • Element 1.5   Restoring The Work Area


  • Element 2.1 Banksman duties
  • Element 2.2 Communications and visibility


  • Element 3.1 Principles of slinging


  • Element 4.1 The role of the Banksman & Slingers in a planned lift
  • Following successful completion of the OPITO Banksman & Slinger Training the delegate can proceed to the workplace to work under direct supervision of a competent person.


In this second stage, the delegate will record his/her lifting activities and complete a list of prescribed tasks

A logbook to record completion of the prescribed tasks will be given to the candidate by the training provider along with the OPITO approved Stage 1 Training certificate.

Work under supervision of a competent person

The logbook should accompany the trainee Banksman & Slinger to the worksite so he/she can complete the required tasks under supervision of a competent person.

Witnessed and signed

Each lift must occur on different dates and be signed off by the competent person responsible for the lift and the delegate Banksman or Slinger’s supervisor.

Approval of the entire document

On completion of the logbook, the entire document should be approved by a Senior Employment Representative.

Two years for Stage 2

The delegate Banksman and Slinger has up to two years from the date of his/her Stage 1 certificate to complete the worksite requirements outlined in this logbook and to be signed off by a  Senior Employment Representative in order to progress to the Stage 3 Banksman & Slinger assessment.

Medical Declaration

Candidate will undertake practical assessments that will involve work of a physical nature and will be asked to sign a declaration of their fitness before undertaking the practical exercises.



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OPITO Banksman & Slinger Training - Stage 1
OPITO Banksman & Slinger Training - Stage 1
OPITO Banksman & Slinger Training - Stage 1


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