OPITO Rigger Training and Banksman & Slinger Training Stage 1

The price is £1170 +VAT Per Person plus £50 +VAT for 2 separate OPITO Certificates one for Banksman & Slinger Training and one for Rigger Training

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To instruct all personnel involved in crane operations, rigging and slinging operations, e.g. riggers, maintenance personnel, maintenance supervisors, deck crew etc, to guide crane operators by hand and radio signals in both good and restricted visibility.To ensure delegates have an understanding of the legal requirements pertaining to rigging and crane operations, the requirements for pre-use inspections and discard criteria of lifting equipment safely and not exceed the load limit imposed on them.


The training course encompasses both the OPITO Approved Introduction to Rigging & Lifting, and Banksman/Slinging Operations and is delivered over a 5-day course.

The scope is to provide employees with a minimum standard of training in Rigging & Lifting, and Slinging & Lifting Operations that is acceptable across industry.  Candidates having undertaken and satisfactory demonstrated their ability to meet the standard criteria would be deemed competent to begin the second stage of their training in the workplace under direct supervision.

Medical Declaration

Candidate will undertake practical assessments that will involve work of a physical nature and will be asked to sign a declaration of their fitness before undertaking the practical exercises.


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