Sharpening Key Supervisor Skills


Developing the next generation of leadership talent within an organisation holds significant importance in ensuring longevity.

For individuals transitioning into a supervisory role for the first time, this shift can present a substantial challenge. To address this, we’ve meticulously crafted a comprehensive course aimed at furnishing them with the fundamental skills necessary for success.

During this condensed one-day session, we delve into the core responsibilities inherent to a supervisory position, whilst evaluating the attributes that define effective supervision.

This course serves to bridge the transition from hands-on tasks to overseeing others. It offers delegates the essential skill set required for adept delegation, motivation, and adeptly managing intricate scenarios like managing team conflict.


  • Explore and appreciate individual differences.
  • Enhance delegation skills for effective task management.
  • Learn to motivate teams collectively and individually.
  • Adapt leadership style to various situations.
  • Understand the significance of emotional intelligence and respect in work relationships.
  • Improve communication effectiveness.
  • Develop strategies for addressing disciplinary matters.


Who is this course for?  This course would suit both new and moderately experienced supervisors. It’s also an ideal fit for individuals working toward supervisory roles. Even experienced supervisors aiming to refresh their skill set can find substantial benefits in attending.

Consider this course as the cornerstone of management development, laying a solid foundation for growth.

1 Day

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