Menopause Awareness Training for Managers

Menopause Awareness Training for Managers

Research shows many women choose not to divulge their menopause status at work for fear of discrimination, or unconscious bias. To foster trust, managers and leaders don’t need to be experts in women’s health, they just need to be aware, listen and do what’s right to keep their team healthy and engaged.

Course Overview

Aimed at educating managers and leaders to recognise and to be aware of the legal and economic implications of managing an ageing female workforce. This session is designed to engage, inspire, and prompt managers and leaders to take practical measures for adopting reasonable adjustments in the workplace. Supporting employees, through resource, signposting advice and guidance.

Topics/Areas Covered

Over this course you will cover:

  • Understand what menopause is including common symptoms, triggers and misconceptions.
  • Why menopause matters and how it can impact work, home and social life.
  • Understand the impact of menopause on the workforce and productivity.
  • The positive and negative effects of COVID-19 and menopause.
  • Supporting employees and colleagues through the menopause
  • How to embed menopause workplace policies and procedures.
  • Implementation of workable solutions to create a menopause friendly culture.

1/2 Day

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18/10/2023 - 8.30am Aberdeen

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