Reach Truck Refresher



The training is carried out to a standard accredited by ITSSAR (Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register) in line with HSE expectations as laid down in L117

(Approved code of practice for Rider Operated Lift Truck Operator Training)


Accredited forklift training now requires all candidates to be registered with a governing body. This is required for companies whose forklift operators work on their own and clients sites and require a national certificate.


Evolve Training will register all our candidates with ITSSAR under the TOPS (Trained Operator Passport Scheme). ITSSAR TOPS Registration costs £17.00 plus VAT per candidate and this is included in the price of the training.



Classroom and practical instruction on the following:


Health and Safety Responsibilities

Basic Principles of Counterbalance Stability

Operators Safety Code and Legislation

Pre-use Inspection Procedures

Manoeuvring in Restricted Areas

Laden Pallet Handling

Pallet Racking Systems and Bulk Stacking

A written multiple-choice questionnaire and practical test must be completed satisfactorily to qualify for Certificate of Basic Training.



Separate certificates are required for counterbalance and reach trucks due to different operating characteristics.

Other courses are available for operators who require a re-test or familiarisation for a different machine (conversion course).

Operators are required to supply Evolve with a copy of their current forklift certificate, prior to the course commencing.

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Approved & Accredited Training
Evolve is an approved training provider recognised by industry bodies including: