Reach Truck Conversion


To provide semi-skilled operators of forklift trucks who have received formal training and are in possession of a Certificate of Basic Training, and to update existing knowledge and skills to safely and efficiently carry out their duties on a different machine, i.e. Combi-lift truck.


Classroom instruction on the following:

  • Legislation
  • Operators safety code
  • Forklift truck stability
  • Factors causing forward / sideways tipping
  • Familiarisation of different machines

Practical instruction and delegate participation on the following:

  • Pre-start and operational checks
  • Driving and manoeuvring
  • Stacking / de-stacking at low level, eye level and high level
  • Correct shutdown and parking procedures
  • Familiarisation of different machines

A written multiple-choice questionnaire and practical test must be completed satisfactorily to qualify for Certificate of Basic Training.

Accredited forklift training now requires all candidates to be registered with a governing body. This is required for companies whose forklift operators work on their own and clients sites and require a national certificate.

Evolve Training will register all our candidates with ITSSAR under the TOPS (Trained Operator Passport Scheme).

ITSSAR TOPS Registration costs £17.00 plus VAT per candidate and this included in the price of the training.


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