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Evolve Training Aberdeen is an Approved Training and Assessment Centre.OPITO is the industry’s focal point for skills, training and workforce development. It is a self-sustaining, employer and trade union led organisation committed to developing and sustaining a safe, skilled and effective workforce now and in the future. This is achieved by working in collaboration with: industry employers, learning & training providers, education & academia and partnership organisations.

OPITO has been established by businesses and employers in the industry to respond to its demands for a safe and effective workforce in line with its current and future business plans.

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We offer 5 OPITO Courses
Date/Time Location  
3/6/2020 - 8.15am Aberdeen Book
24/6/2020 - 8.30am Aberdeen Book
15/7/2020 - 8.15am Aberdeen Book
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Date/Time Location  
10/6/2020 - 8.15am Aberdeen Book
23/6/2020 - 8.15am Aberdeen Book
2/7/2020 - 8.15am Aberdeen Book
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Date/Time Location  
17/6/2020 - 8.30am Aberdeen Book
29/7/2020 - 8.30am Aberdeen Book
31/8/2020 - 8.30am Aberdeen Book
Course Details
Date/Time Location  
4/6/2020 - 8.15am Aberdeen Book
15/6/2020 - 8.15am Aberdeen Book
30/6/2020 - 8.15am Aberdeen Book
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What Our Customers Say...

“I was recently on a confined space course and would just like to personally thank evolve for one of the best course I've ever been on. I really enjoyed everything and have an appreciation for what could happen. ”
Gavin Cutler,
“Evolve instructor was very articulate, helpful, good training day”
B3 Conversion
“Trainer was brilliant. She was friendly and very informative ”
Fire Warden with Extinguishers
“As delivered by your evolve instructor it was easy to take on board and he was very helpful with tips and techniques.”
Approved & Accredited Training
Evolve is an approved training provider recognised by industry bodies including: