Environmental at Evolve

Environmental at Evolve


The news in the Autumn of 2021 will become dominated by the upcoming  COP26 which will be in our country, in Glasgow, on the 1st until the 12th November 2021 and countries are due to finalise their national action plans to cut emissions under the paris agreement.

Why Is It Relevant To You?

The summit is widely seen as crucial if climate change is to be brought under control.

What Can You Do?

There are number of ways that everyone whether in businesses or as individuals can act to improve the environment and help the fight against climate change. Educating people is one of the top factors.

What Can Evolve Do?

Evolve Training deliver a range of courses that will help your organisation to identify its Environmental Impacts and to manage its positive and negative environmental aspects and support the implementation and continuous improvement of effective environmental management systems. These include;

  • NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate
  • NEBOSH Environmental Awareness at Work
  • Effectively Dealing with Spills
  • Waste Management
  • COSHH Assessor and Awareness

We also have the knowledge and experience to also provide you with Environmental Support to assist you to meet your obligations.

If you  would like to  find out more about the training or our support services please call us on 01224 724008 or contact [email protected]

Approved & Accredited Training
Evolve is an approved training provider recognised by industry bodies including: