At least one person is killed in the UK by a forklift truck


Don’t be part of that statistic stay safe.

Evolve can train you in :

A1   –  Electric Pallet Truck, Lowlevel Order Picker,Low lift Platform

A2  –  Rider Operated Pallet Truck, Low Level Order  Picker

A5  –  Pallet Stacker

B1  –  Counterbalance up to 5 ton,    B2 –  5 tone to 15 ton,    B3 –  Over 15 Ton

C1 –  Side loader  up to 5 ton ,  C2 – 5-15 ton,  C3 – Over 15 ton

D1Reach Truck

F1  – Very narrow aisle -man up     F2  –  Very narrow Aisle -Man Down

MMulti directional Reach and combilift

MEWPS  – Boom type , genie or chery picker,  Static or towed,  Truck mounted

HIAB – Lorry Mounted Loader

Cherry picker

Cherry picker

Scissor Lift

Scissor Lift

Please call for more information on all the Forklifts we can train in 01224 724008 or visit our website

Approved & Accredited Training
Evolve is an approved training provider recognised by industry bodies including: