Safety Support

Safety Support

Safety Support

Don’t learn safety by accident

Were you a proud member of the Tufty Club or was the Green Cross Code, or perhaps your memory goes back as far as the public safety films starring a young boy and his slightly scary cat.  This may have been your introduction to safety.

Some of these public safety initiatives of years gone by may have contributed to the undeserved reputation of health and safety as an unnecessary “big brother” breathing down our neck of undone problems.  Whatever, Health and Safety, by law affects all businesses.

Here at Evolve we can help you, we have the expertise to help, our staffs are trained to a high standard and have a high amount of expertise in the real world that can help you keep on top of Health and Safety requirements to run a business.

Please remember that a near miss is a near accident and could have been worse.

Rod Garvie our founder, after been made redundant 23 years ago decided to go it alone and opened and built RSS Safety Services.  Our main area of expertise at that time was Safety Support. Rod and his wife Susan started the company in a spare room at home, quickly realizing that there was a need for safety  services in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and the Highlands. We moved to Wellheads Crescent 12 years ago where we provide many different procedure’s including Safety Support and now over 75 training course.

Evolve our trading name now, is well respected in all industries, we support a wide range of company in many aspects of safety. We are very proud of what we have today and would like to thank everyone who has used our services over the years to make Evolve Training what it is today.

With the present climate as it is today we have decided to go back to how Evolve started off and promote our safety services to companies. With our years of knowledge and experience we can help you  get through these tough times.  With the cutback in staff employment you can use our services by the hour, by the day, on a contract, or just when you require an extra pair of hands.  This will allow you more time to get on with what you are good at – Running your business.

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