Personnel Development

Personnel Development

What joys will August bring us??

Personal Development is the first training that goes out the window but is sometime important and helpful with in the work place to be able to deal with work place developments.

Some of the course we offer are :

Step into leadership: The aim of this course is to introduce the skills and techniques required for an effective leader to achieve results through others. It will develop abilities in staff motivation, planning to achieve objectives, communication, team building and performance management. Upon completion of this course, candidates will have been introduced to the skills and techniques used by high performance work teams and will understand the importance of their own activities, not only as team leaders but, as team members, developing your own skills as well as developing the skills of others.

Time Management: Delegates are given the opportunity to analyse their use of time in order that they can:

Enhance their approach to task, goal and a priority setting

Experience the inter-relationship between time management and the organisation or work, so that a practical strategy for managing time can be developed and implemented.

Assertiveness: Delegates will learn and practice how to use assertiveness skills to promote themselves in both personal life and in the workplace.

Companies will benefit from employees with enhanced communication skills, leading to clearer workplace communication and reduced conflict.

Dealing with Conflict: The objective of this course is to develop techniques for dealing with conflict and to understand the nature of and the necessity of conflict.

Wherever you work, whatever you do there is always the possibility for conflict. Many people find conflict extremely difficult to deal with and often shy away from situations rather than deal with conflict. This course will show that not all conflict is bad and that there are techniques that result in positive outcomes for all.

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