NEBOSH Questions & Answers

NEBOSH Questions & Answers

Can I transfer my registration fee to another sitting?

We cannot transfer a fee for any reason.  You will be marked absent at the examination sitting and full payment will be required at your next examination sitting.

We can however, offer a refund of up to 70% of your registration fees for medical reasons.

Can I apply to NEBOSH directly for reasonable adjustments and/or special consideration?

Your NEBOSH accredited course provider will be able to apply for reasonable adjustments on your behalf up to one month before your examination sitting.  Please contact your course provider directly to discuss your requirements.

Special considerations must be applied for after the assessment via your course provider, and within seven working days of the assessment date.

When will I receive my result?

For written examinations, the date by which the candidate should receive a written result notification is stated on the candidate’s examination entry confirmation. Certificate-level practical assessments must be taken within 14 days of a written examination so the practical result will be included with the result for the written examination.  All results (including those for written assignments) should be received within ten weeks from the date of the examination or submission of assignment.  Due to the personal and confidential nature of candidate results, NEBOSH regret’s that result notification cannot be provided by telephone under any circumstances

I achieved my National General Certificate more than 5 years ago. What are my options if I want to do the Fire Certificate?

You can choose just to take the Fire Units (FC1 & FC2). When you pass these units you will receive a Unit certificate denoting your achievement. If you want to achieve the whole qualification you will need to re-sit Unit NGC1. However, you do not need to attend a course to prepare you for the NGC1 examination.

Do i need to attend the revision day?

No its free


NGC1 – Pass mark is 45%

GC2 – Pass mark is 45%

GC3 – Pass mark is 60%

Pass: 150-179 marks

Credit:   180-209 marks

Distinction: 210 marks or more.


NGC1     –              Tuition Time        –              36 hours               Private Study      –              23 hours

GC2        –              Tuition Time        –              42 hours               Private Study      –              26 hours

GC3        –              Tuition Time        –              2 hours                 Private Study       –              6 hours

What happens is I fail?

You re – do the element you failed.

You can better your mark.

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