Banksman / Slinger

Banksman / Slinger

Banksman / Slinger

What role and responsibilities do you have as a banksman/ slinger/ rigger?

What roles and principles are required to ensure that a lift is done safely?

To ensure that operations can be carried out safely, it is vital that operatives of lifting equipment and accessories for lifting are aware of the safe and correct use of equipment.

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Evolve deliver training for:

OPITO Banksman Slinger Stage 1

Stage 2 is gaining experience, a fully completed and valid log book of lifts done.

OPITO Banksman Slinger Stage 3 – 4

OPITO Rigging Stage 1

Stage 2 as above

OPITO Rigger stage 3 – 4

We also deliver our own course at the same level as OPITO but for onshore personal Banksman / Slinger and Rigger which can be adapted to our company’s training requirements.

Personnel that have previously gained experience knowledge and skills from non OPITO courses can come in at level 3 providing they get a formal letter from their employer or senior employer’s representative, stating that they have met the equivalent of the OPITO stage 2 logbook criteria. As detailed in the OPITO Standard (

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