Does My Organisation Really Need a Fire Warden?

Does My Organisation Really Need a Fire Warden?

Very probably yes…and at least two!

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The law says you must keep your organisation fire safe. To do that you need someone within your organisation to look after evacuation procedures AND fire prevention. To make sure you have at least one fire warden available you’ll probably need two people trained as fire wardens.

Is Fire Safety Really an Issue?

Unfortunately yes. Only high profile fire incidents ever seem to be published in newspapers or shown on television. You might be surprised to know that each year the Fire and Rescue Authorities attended over 200,000 fires resulting in more than 300 fatalities. For organisations and businesses the truth is that fires do happen and the risk is significant enough to do something about it. In addition:-

  • Fires can very easily kill or injure employees and visitors
  • Fires cause extreme damage and often destruction to buildings, equipment and stock
  • Many organisations fail to continue trading following a severe fire

Fire wardens reduce fire risks by ensuring:-

  • Fire escape routes are kept clear and signs are maintained – Legally Required
  • Fire equipment has been tested and not obscured – Legally Required
  • People are aware of the fire and evacuation procedures – Legally Required
  • Fire safety induction of new persons is carried out (fire safety training!) – Legally Required
  • The adequacy of means of evacuation – Legally Required
  • Fire safety defects are reported to management – Legally Required

A Fire Warden is also responsible for performing fire drills and ensuring the safe evacuation of your staff in the event of a fire.

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