Safety Representative

Safety Representative

Who are Health and Safety Representative?

What ever your role in what ever industry the same principle applies – employer and employees make better decisions together. An efficient an effective workplace relies on cooperation, engagement and involvement

Our health and safety representatives’ training course will give you a sound understanding of the role and benefits of well-run safety committees. A well trained and properly motivated safety representative will make a positive contribution to an organisation’s safety culture.

Business benefits

  • A safer and healthier workforce
  • Improved performance
  • Raised standards throughout the workplace – not just in health and safety.

As the designated safety representative some of the functions you may have to assist with:

Prepare– Good preparation helps you to gain the commitment of your employees and their representatives,

Plan – Once you have gained the commitment of everyone in the organisation, you can start planning how to work with your employees and representatives to improve health and safety at work,

Consult – Once you have decided how your workforce will be represented, and considered all the issues you need to cover, you are ready to begin the process of consultation and involvement.

Investigating accidents, hazards.

Representatives can play a very useful role here in communicating effectively with parties involved

Evolve’s 2 day Safety Representative course will help your elected or nominated representative become fully aware of their functions to fulfill there role.

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