Refresher Training Explained

Refresher Training Explained

We are often asked about expiry dates on certificates or when refresher training should be delivered.

The courses that we deliver that have specific expiry date are;

First Aid at Work3 years
Emergency First Aid at Work3 years
PASMA5 years
Forklift3 years

For all other training where there is no specific requirement to provide refresher training after set intervals, even trained and experienced personnel will need to be re-assessed from time to time to ensure that they continue to work safely.

This assessment, which should form part of a firm’s normal monitoring procedure and be formally timetabled to ensure that it is done at reasonable intervals, will indicate whether any further training is needed.

In addition to routine safety monitoring, re-assessment might be appropriate where:

  • Operators have not carried out the task for some time
  • Appear to have developed unsafe working practices
  • Have had an accident or near miss
  • There is a change in their working practices or environment

Employers may find it useful to record re-assessment in their safety monitoring records.  Employers can, of course, decide that automatic retraining after a set period of time is the best way of ensuring that employees are adequately trained but, where this approach is adopted, it will still be necessary to monitor performance in case retraining is required before the set period ends.

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