Remarkable Evolve

Remarkable Evolve

We are writing to you today to let you all know how remarkable we are at Evolve.purple-cow 1

I was recently reading a book called PURPLE COW by Seth Godin.  Seth asked us to imagine a scene:- We are driving around and see brown cows in a field for miles and miles we may comment that the cows are  content in the field, and comment how beautiful everything is.  Within twenty minutes we start to ignore the cows, they have become the norm.    We suddenly come across a Purple Cow.  Now that would be interesting.  The essence of the Purple Cow is that it must be remarkable.  We do not see many Purple Cows, they also are beautiful and content but different.

We would like to tell you about the why, the what and how Evolve are remarkable.  We want to stand out to our customers, for the quality of our training, being able to provide safety support, offering companies a very competitively priced room to hire for meetings, training ,conference etc., purchase equipment that is used on training courses, that we have a wide range of courses for all industries.

First we have done a SWOT Analysis on Evolve


Our Price has stayed the same for 3 years

Repeat business from happy clients. Word of mouth and recommendations


Providing 5% discount if course paid at time of booking

23 years’ experience, with permanent staff for consistency of what we deliver.

New website

Tailoring courses to customer requirement

Free car parking and Lunch provided


Commute to Dyce –new road layout,  little waiting time with new set up and improved rail due soon

Smaller companies require Health and Safety advice, we provide this by the hour

Courses run on customers premises

Open Courses run in different areas of Scotland saving delegates travelling  and opening opportunities to other companies.

People think we must only work in oil industry- but all companies need training have we reached them?


Because of our competitive price to begin with we find it difficult to offer discounts (unless larger numbers are to be trained)

We work Monday – Friday but we can work weekends and evenings as we are flexible

Lower numbers on courses but we are still running courses to help customers


Cash flow

E learning – does not suit all

If we lose staff – It is important to keep our staff so that we continue to offer the best courses with staff who know what they are talking about

We have put together a few bits of information to let you know about the range of services Evolve supply.

Please have a coffee break now and  see what we can do for you.

We have included a range of training that is going on over the next few months but this is only a sample and we have many more dates arranged and we are happy to arrange a date to suit you if you have three or more delegates who can be trained at one time.

Have you looked at our new website, all our courses and course outlines can be found there.

Competition:-  How many purple cows have we hidden on our website.  The first person to email the correct answer to email [email protected]  will win a bottle of whiskey.

Please give us a call we would be happy to discuss your requirements and help you get the best training for your requirements. Phone  01224 724008

Special offer with this mailer.  We recommend that all companies would have 2 Emergency first aiders (need to have cover for holidays and sick days)  a Fire Warden who knows about fire drills and checking equipment, a person who has  basic understanding of Health and Safety – IOSH Working safely – all one day courses.  Book four places at the same time, it can be different people, normal price to companies is £575 plus vat and we will give you a 15% discount.

You must quote   “Remarkable” when booking.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers old and new for the loyal support, you know we provide a remarkable service and we will continue and improve on this with your support.

All the best and kind regards

Susan Garvie MD and Staff of Evolve.

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