Safety Support Service

Safety Support Service

Safety Support Services

RSS Service was founded in October 1993 by Rod and Susan Garvie. Main service provided was Safety Support based in Inverurie.

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Susan & Rod quickly realised that the North East of Scotland needed a training company, this was where Evolve Training was created. We are about to have our 23rd Birthday in October.







Evolve is the largest independently owned training company in the North East of Scotland with a highly skilled team of staff, who all bring their own experiences and knowledge to each course they teach.

We are a progressive company keeping you up to date so that we can provide the best service to our customers.

We are here to help you develop and progress your team.

We believe helping people evolve to achieve exceptional performance in a safe and health work environment.

Evolve’ s Safety Support Service can help you review your existing policies and procedures before suggesting a suitable action plan for any remedial work where required.




We can also carry out specific tasks such as DSE Assessments, Fire Risk Assessments and COSHH Assessments.





Can you answer Yes to any of these Question?

 Yes No
 Do you comply with H&S at work act and Management of H&S Regs?
 Do you have a Safety Management System?
 Do you have Risk Assessments?
 Do you have COSHH assessments?
 Is all your equipment tested & maintained?
 Do you have Fire and other emergency procedures?
 Do all your staff have basic safety awareness training?
 Do you have Risk Assessments in place and do you review them regularly.

Please contact our Sales team for more information on how Evolve can help you call 01224 724008 or visit our website:

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Approved & Accredited Training
Evolve is an approved training provider recognised by industry bodies including: