First Aid Scenario

First Aid Scenario

New for 2015 at Evolve Training

Scenario-based training is the most Effective method of learning, practicing and understanding practical skills and concepts by placing the delegate in representative’s environments and exposing them the realistic scenarios. Using imaginary scenarios, such as a casualty falling down stairs or becoming ill, we help delegates practise first aid technique by:                 

  • Actively involve the delegates in the scenario.
  • Allowing the delegates the opportunity to reflect on their performance under pressure.
  • Encourage the delegates to analyse how they can improve their performance in the future in a safe learning environment.

Our open course is a half day,We can tailor to your requirements at your premises.

We are holding a free taster session on the 11th February which all is invited to please contact us to book your FREE place by calling us on 01224 724008.

We look forward to getting you involved with Evolve Training.

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